Competitive Examination

The Eknath Sitaram Divekar College has realized that there is a general lack of awareness and there are a number of misconceptions concerning Civil Services Exam in the minds of not only the students and their parents but also of techers and counselors.Due to this college has started The Competitive Examinations. It was established  in July 2013.

Aims and Objective:
1. To provide guidance to the students who come from rural background for competitive exams.
2. Develop good administrators.
3. To create awareness among the students for various competitive exams.
4. Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility.
5. To make them capable to face emergencies and natural disasters.
6. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
7. To incorporate National integration and social harmony.

1. Experienced staff.
2. Well established library facility.
3. Special coaching for higher secondary students.
4. Periodical unit test.
5. Participation certificate.

1. UPSC / MPSC foundation course.
2. Arrange Workshops.
3. Arrange Guest Lectures on various contemporary Social, Political, Economic and Environmental issues.

         Prof.Yadav S.A.
         Mob.- 9623682227