 To provide infrastructure to nurture the talent amongst the students.
 To create trained manpower in relation with global perspective.
 To administer academic programmes rigorously, promote research and development and publication in area of contemporary resource to achieve decision     making and problem solving skills.
 To orient, update and motivate students in their pursuit of knowledge and to breed confidence into the students.
 To be an academic institution providing new impetus to socially under privileged students for perseverance in the competitive world.
 To impart versatility in approach that will meet the ever increasing need of the students to acquire knowledge for strong communication skill, leadership,       entrepreneurship relevant to make good citizens.
 To provide intensive curricular programmes through teaching, learning and innovation that reflects the institute’s mission of open-door policy to give             equal opportunity to educate students.
 To act as a catalyst for empowering our students to become better and responsible individuals.
 To impart knowledge effectively, develop skills, provide opportunities with emphasis on values in life as our core concern. To be in harmony with our               students aspirations.
 To create a collaborative, dynamic and pleasant climate in which team members feel cared for.
 To build an institution that is resilient, flexible and productive so as to provide career, growth and self-fulfillment.
 To work with a missionary real and be responsible to the social environment for attaining high ethical standards by giving as much importance to means         as to ends.