Eknath Sitaram Divekar College has a network of over 106 computers powered with Two High Speed internet connections with100 MBPS,4mbps data transmission speed.This is a Heterogeneous network environment.
1) Development:-
computer labs and offices have access through the high-speed Ethernet to the campus network and administrative
office is having central data process for this purpose,we are using Thin-Client in administrative office.
2)Internet Access:-
The Institute currently has high speed leased line Internet access. Internet access is provided to all departments and we have separate internet cafe in our library for students.
3)Computer Labs:-There is one Computer labs with 30 computers.Network and Internet connectivity is available to the lab. The lab is available to
use from 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM.
4)Free Wifi For Students:-College has provided open wifi for students in college campus.